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"Land of Nod", EDE, Photo: Rick Smith

Custom Corset Design

If you need special sizing, please follow the measurement notations below for reference on proper measurement format. E-mail us with your custom needs and we will provide you a quote for a customized garment. The color range is the same for Custom as it is for Standard. In addition to the bust (item D on our order page chart), waist (item E) and CB length (Item N) measurements needed to order a Standard Sizing Corset, we will need the following from you: Front Torso length (CF neck to waist, this is item M on our order page chart); the Bust apex to Waist length which would be marked in the box for fit problems on our measurement form; also the Bust to Waist length, which you will also note in the fit problem box. (See the photo of me measuring someone? The tape should pass over the fullest part of the breast to the waist on a slight diagonal starting from the neck edge. The length from the bust point to the waist is what we are looking for.)

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