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"Land of Nod", EDE, Photo: Rick Smith

Measuring Tips

Measuring tips: Take measurements over underwear or a bodysuit. Tying elastic or string on your waist and bust can help in accuracy. Circumference measurements should be parallel to the floor. Have someone help you if at all possible for greater accuracy. First, determine your circumference (width) size. Our circumference sizing is based on a fixed chest to waist ratio noted on the order form. (Bust is item D on our order page form and waist is item E.) Bodice length is then used for proper fit through your torso. (CB length is item N on our order page.) We offer short, standard and long versions, so as long as your center back is within 1" of ours, you should be fine. For example, our standard CB length is 15 ". As long as you are between 15 " and 16 ", you order the standard length. If you are shorter, check our short size specifications, etc. If your length and / or width does not meet any of our offerings, you may be a candidate for our custom corset program. (For example, if you have a large cup size, or a thick midsection.)

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