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"Land of Nod", EDE, Photo: Rick Smith

Our corset has been specifically designed as a hybrid style. It will serve admirably as a period corset for the 16th and 18th century periods, and will suffice for Renaissance to the 1850 era as a rehearsal piece It is back laced with removable straps and a small Basque front with side and back tabs. The boning is flexible steel, the binding is Ultrasuede® for durability. While you have some selection of outer fabric color, the inner material is Coutil, again for strength and durability. This corset is styled to flatten and support the bust. It is sized to nip in the waist and rib area, but will only be about 2" smaller than your body - an appropriate amount for cinching. We do not intend to torture! Our Standard Corset has four color range offerings. Pastel: Tan / neutral: White: and Black. Binding will always be a contrasting color. In order to provide you a quality product at a reasonable price, we can not guarantee a specific pastel (examples include pink, lt. blue, peach) or neutral color, (examples include cream, sage, grey or tan) as colors will depend on brocade availability. If you are concerned about a color, please ask regarding our stock.

To make your own corset or for information on other makers, we suggest you see Farthingale's on Stratford, Canada at

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