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"Land of Nod", EDE, Photo: Rick Smith

About Ashbridge

Creative Process

We believe that taking risks is what intellectual, creative and spiritual growth is all about. The act of risk defines creative thought. It is only by exploring new boundaries that change is allowed.

Matilda sketchThis is how it happens! Whether for a private client or for a large theatrical production, the steps are similar. Once we determine function and discuss cost constraints, research begins. Sketches may follow and materials are sourced. Then the construction or shopping process takes over. An example of this process is illustrated here.

Matilda photoThis sketch and production photo are from the 2003 Oakland University Department of Theatre production of Zastrozzi. Sketch by costume designer Leslie Littell of the character Matilda and a detail shot of her underpinnings demonstrating the importance of follow through. Photos by Dennis Collins.

Matilda closeup photoWhen working on costumes or wedding gowns, multiple fittings are desirable and we like to have at least a six to eight week turnaround time in order to design and construct a quality piece. We work closely with our clients to design and produce the items they desire. It is the process that makes it all worthwhile!

About The Owner

Leslie Littell» Owner and designer, Leslie Littell.
» Studio assistant, Carrie Simon.
» Designers on call in Michigan, New Jersey and California.

Leslie has a BS in Design from the University of Cincinnati, and a MA in History from Rutgers University. A New Jersey native, she now makes Michigan her home. With twenty years of design and patternmaking experience both in industry and education, Leslie has worked for a diverse clientele on a variety of projects. Professional affiliations include Costume Society of America and Professional Association of Custom Clothiers. Clients include many individuals as well as the following institutions:

*Equity Companies

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